Lessons From My Christmas Conversion - Seton Shrine

Lessons From My Christmas Conversion

We used to celebrate Christmas for forty days, a period symbolizing conversion. Mother Seton’s own life-changing Christmas experience prompts us to ask ourselves—did we open our hearts to the Christ child this year? Or did we lock the door of the inn?

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Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Feast Day

Let Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Be Your Companion in 2019

Looking for a role model to inspire your New Year’s resolutions? Who better than St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, America’s first native-born Saint, whose feast day falls on January 4. She overcame the same obstacles we struggle with in our own lives. A friend we can identify with is one we are more likely to emulate.

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The Wise Among Us Still Seek the Lord - Seton Shrine

The Wise Among Us Still Seek the Lord

Reflecting on the journey of the three wise men helped lead Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton to the Catholic Church. The Feast of the Epiphany is a good time for us to ask: Where are we traveling? What are we seeking? What star will we follow?

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