Advent Bringing Your Body and Soul to Christ

Bringing Body and Soul to Christ

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton’s last words were “Be children of the Church.” Advent reminds us that belonging to the Mystical Body of Christ does not depend on our feelings; it depends on our orientation of heart; on where we bring and put our bodies; on a relationship with Christ that is intimate beyond imagining.

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Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton In Advent Finding God's Plan For You

In Advent, Find God’s Plan for You

As we see in the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and in the life of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, we are each made for some purpose. Not for “nothing,” but decidedly for “something” in the grand scheme of the world and all of its intended Glory.

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Make Jesus the King of Your Busy Life Seton Shrine

Making Jesus the King of Our Busy Lives

When we celebrate the feast of Christ the King, we proclaim with the Church that Jesus is the “King of the Universe.” Few understood this fact more intensely than Mother Seton. Do we allow Jesus to be the Lord of our lives? Do we accept him as King in all things?

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All Saints Day - Seton Shrine

The Saints Want Us to Be With Them

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, like so many other saints, took inspiration from the lives of those who came before her. For All Saints Day, why not copy the venerable practice of seeking out a patron saint to teach you throughout the next liturgical year?

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