Seton Shrine Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday and the Witness of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

An important step in Mother Seton’s conversion took place on Ash Wednesday when she first entered the Catholic Church. May this Ash Wednesday be as pivotal a moment in our ongoing conversion as that Ash Wednesday was for her.

by Fr. Ted Trinko, IVE

Lent has begun. Easter is 40 days away. It is because of Easter that Lent exists; this penitential season prepares us for the joyful celebration of Christ’s Resurrection. The more focused we are on God, the more joyful will our celebration of Easter be. Everything we do during Lent is directed to this end: orienting our lives more and more towards our heavenly Father. That is, Lent is a time of conversion, and one of the best ways to convert, to orient our lives towards God, is by fasting.