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Interactive Tours

Enjoy living history tours and faith dramas at the Seton Shrine.

Back from the Dead Cemetery Walks

The Dead would like to have a word with you. You’ll be forever-changed when you experience the Back from the Dead Cemetery Walks at the Seton Shrine. They take place every October in the Shrine’s historic cemetery.

On the Cemetery Walk, as you journey through the dark with candles to light your way, you’ll meet a cast of extraordinary saints and ordinary sinners who reflect upon the “Last Things”: death, judgment, heaven and hell. Like Blessed Stanley Rother, who shares how he sacrificed his life for the people of his parish. And Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, who describes how she found Jesus in the midst of suffering.

Through these encounters with saints, martyrs and souls suffering in purgatory, you’ll discover what it means to be truly alive, both now and in the life to come.

This faith-filled walk is ideal for youth groups and families with older children (14+).

Dates: October 16-18, 23-25, 30-31 and November 1.
Times: 6:30-8:30pm, with a walk beginning every 10 minutes.
Cost: $5/adult in advance; $7/person at the door. Please check back for tickets.

Door to Bethlehem

On the first Christmas Eve, Joseph and Mary wandered through the streets of Bethlehem, looking for shelter. All doors, however, were shut to them. In our busy lives today, we too may shut the door to our hearts on Jesus and His family.

Open your heart and walk with Mary and Joseph through the Door to Bethlehem at the Seton Shrine on December 4-6, 2020.

Door to Bethlehem

Based on the Christmas tradition of Las Posadas, a guide will lead the Door to Bethlehem tour, where you’ll walk with the Holy Family to various locations on the grounds of the Seton Shrine. At each site, you’ll witness the ways we reject Christ.
The end of the walk will bring you to our Basilica, where you will pass through the Door to Bethlehem and experience how Christ is welcomed in a way you might not expect. The evening will conclude with time for prayer and light refreshments.

Dates: December 4-6
Times: 5-7:30pm. Each night, a new walk begins every 15 minutes
Cost: Please check back for the cost and for tickets.

The Seton Shrine is located at 339 South Seton Avenue, Emmitsburg, MD 21727. To contact the Shrine, please call 301-4476-6606 or email



Candlelight Tour

A Living History Experience

Step back in time to the Christmas season in the 1800s and discover Elizabeth Ann Seton’s inspirational story from those who knew her best.

Led by candlelight, you’ll encounter beloved friends of Elizabeth Ann Seton who will share stories of her life, as well as the legacy that they’ve continued since her death in 1821.

While you’re on the tour, you can enjoy our grounds illuminated with 1,000 luminaries.

Dates: December 7-19, 2020
Times: Please check back for the times, cost and tickets.

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