Catherine Comes Home

Living History Tour: Catherine Comes Home

Our living history tour returns in June 2019!

Encounter the power and healing grace of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s legacy through the eyes of her only surviving daughter, Catherine.

Catherine left home in 1821, heart-broken by her mother’s death. She returns for the first time 21 years later. On this living history tour, you’ll step back in time to 1842 and see Catherine as she reunites with old friends and comes face-to-face with the memories and legacy of her mother.

Catherine’s story is a unique one. After she left home in 1821, she traveled the world, befriended European nobility, and was courted by Europe and America’s most eligible bachelors. She became known for her beauty, wit and accomplishments. Yet nothing seemed to satisfy her.

At the height of her restlessness, Catherine decided to visit her childhood home. There, memories of her life with her mother and the Sisters of Charity came flooding back. Peace, clarity, and transforming grace came too. When Catherine left Emmitsburg, she was a different woman, prepared to answer a new call from God, and take a leadership role with the Sisters of Mercy in America.

You can experience Catherine’s pivotal moment of grace alongside her, through the living history tour Catherine Comes Home.

Led by a guide, you’ll go back to 1842, and walk the sacred grounds as you explore our historic site, with Catherine and the old friends she encountered on that fateful visit home. From them, you’ll hear about the life of Elizabeth Ann Seton, the obstacles she and her fledgling community encountered, and how their faith helped them overcome their struggles. You’ll also watch as Catherine undergoes the transformation that would finally set her on the path to which God called her.

Don’t miss this chance to see a legacy of faith, hope, and charity brought to life!

Tour Dates: Sundays from June 2 through August 18.
Tour Times: 3-5pm
Cost: $8/adult, $6/youth ages 7-18, and free for children 6 and under.

What to Expect on the Catherine Comes Home Tour

    • This is a guided walking tour, and your guide will be in period attire.
    • You will encounter other historic figures who will share their memories of Elizabeth Ann Seton.
    • The tour lasts 45 minutes.
    • The grounds, historic homes and walkways are handicap-accessible.

    The Seton Shrine is located at 339 South Seton Avenue, Emmitsburg, MD 21727. To contact the Shrine, please call 301-447-6606 or email

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