Elizabeth Bayley Seton 1774-1821: Mother, Foundress, Saint


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Exclusive to the Seton Shrine, this extensively researched book is a definitive biography of the first American-born canonized saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Written by Annabelle M. Melville and edited by Betty Ann McNeil, D.C., this updated and revised edition interjects direct quotes and writings of Mother Seton into the story of her life. As a result, this portrayal enlightens the reader with not only the factual depiction of the life and times of this quintessential American Saint but also includes important insights into the early history of Catholicism in the United States. Enticing and educational, this edition includes extensive edits and additional information.

Mary Ann Daly, S.C., writes of this printing, “Her timeless story of faith and struggle, love and loss, action and contemplation will ignite the imagination of all who meet her for the first time. Those familiar with her story will discover new insights and inspiration in this edition.”

In celebration of Mother Seton’s feast day, the Seton Shrine will be offering the book at the deeply discounted rate of $10.

470 pages 9″ x 6″ Paperback

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