Father Miguel Pro: A Modern Mexican Martyr


“One misty, chilly November morning in 1927, a slender, young priest was led before a firing squad in Mexico City and was shot.  The man was Miguel Agustin Pro, S.J.  Today he is world-famous because of his life of charity and suffering, as well as for practical jokes.  Father Pro had committed no crime.  As a member of the Society of Jesus, he had worked hard and patiently to bring bread to the poor and the Eucharist to the faithful.”

Published by Ignatius Press and written by Gerald Muller, CSC, this inspiring book documents the life and death of Father Miguel Pro.


“The book shows us how Fr. Miguel Pro was a real man, a man of sacrifice—courageous and chivalrous in spades—a heroic priest who understood that the salvation of souls is paramount. It teaches us that, even in times of persecution, the joy of the Lord should be our strength and should permeate our entire being.”
— Jesse Romero, Catholic Evangelist and Author; Retired Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff

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