From the Shadows: Book Three of the Light Series


Can cruelty be disguised as courage? Does safety lie in savagery? What happens when the hopes of our hearts are forced to face the truth of our actions?

In book three of The Light Series, Bria and those she loves have escaped the dangers of DC and discovered a town where compassion survives and love blooms. When their comfort comes to an end, each member of the group must decide their path. Some will stay behind. Some will journey on. But all will learn that even the most hoped for moments can be filled with unimaginable sorrow.

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About the Author

Dr. Jacqueline Brown is a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with women and girls who have experienced trauma and entanglement with the criminal justice system. She is consistently amazed at the beauty, hope, and resilience she sees in the lives of those she works with. She brings that same hope, resilience, and beauty into her writing.

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