Immaculate Waters Bath and Shower Liquid Soap


Made with pure Lourdes Grotto water, Immaculate Waters bath and shower liquid soaps leave the skin feeling clean, moisturized, and soft. Created with the highest quality ingredients, these unique products are unlike anything on the market.  Immaculate Waters bath and shower liquid soaps have a silky luxurious feel that leaves skin clean without using any of the damaging sulfates, surfactants, or detergents often found in many liquid products.  A quality vegetable based glycerine is added which helps to draw moisture up through the skin and slow drying of the skin. Perfect for those with sensitive skin, these products are made and labeled by hand in the U.S.  The only imported ingredients are the quality essential oil and miraculous Lourdes Grotto Water.  These 8 fl. oz (236 ml) luxurious soaps make a wonderful gift.  Available options include unscented, lavender, or rose scent.



Immaculate Waters motto: “Make the highest quality bath products while offering a way for the faithful to bathe with Lourdes Grotto Water every day.”

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Lavender, Rose, Unscented