Immaculate Waters Hand and Body Lotion


Made with pure Lourdes Grotto water, Immaculate Waters hand and body lotions leave the skin feeling moisturized and soft. Created with the highest quality ingredients, these unique products are unlike anything on the market.  Often referred to as a simple lotion, they have fewer additives than most lotions, resulting in a light, vanishing and non-greasy moisturizer that petroleum based products cannot duplicate. They also carry their lovely lavender or rose scent for hours, and of course, are made with genuine Lourdes Grotto water.  The products are made and labeled by hand in the U.S.  The only imported ingredients are the quality essential oil and miraculous Lourdes Grotto Water.  These 8 fl. oz (236 ml) luxurious lotions make a wonderful gift.  Available options include unscented, lavender, or rose scent.


Immaculate Waters motto: “Make the highest quality bath products while offering a way for the faithful to bathe with Lourdes Grotto Water every day.”

Additional information

Weight .5625 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 7 in

Lavender, Rose, Unscented