Our Lady of Lourdes Decade Rosary for Illness


Offering the perfect combination of convenience and durability, this lovely, one decade Rosary makes a special gift for those in need of healing graces.  Small enough to fit in a pocket, purse, or backpack, this single decade Rosary is perfect for personal prayer.  Measuring about 4 1/2 inches extended, this Rosary has clear, faceted, deep blue beads, a small, silver-toned rose centerpiece, and a matching two-sided medal.  The medal features Our Lady of Lourdes appearing to St. Bernadette on one side and St. Bernadette on the other.  The attached card has the following prayer for the sick:  Oh Immaculate Virgin Mary, you are the refuge of sinners, the health of the sick and the comfort of the afflicted.  By your appearance at the Grotto of Lourdes you made it a privileged sanctuary where your favors are given to people streaming to it from the whole world.  Over the years countless sufferers have obtained the cure of their infirmities — whether of soul, mind or body.  Therefore I come with limitless confidence to implore your motherly intercession.  Amen.

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