Saint Joseph Terror of Demons Laminated Prayer Card


St. Joseph has many titles highlighting his powerful intersession, virtue, and protective strength and service.  As foster father to Jesus and a leader of the Holy Family, Saint Joseph is an inspiring model of virtue, prayer, and faith.  Through all the temptations, trials, disillusions and sufferings of this world, St. Joseph, Terror of Demons, is a powerful intercessor for us all.  This unique prayer card is a wonderful reminder of that.   This gorgeous, full color, ornate prayer card is two-sided.  With a distinctive image on one side and a powerful prayer of intercession on the other, this masterfully created card is perfect for fathers, husbands, young men, and anyone devoted to St. Joseph.



Made in Italy.

Additional information

Weight .0025 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × .00125 × 4.5 in