The Handy Little Guide: Lent


Lent is a 40 day season of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. It’s a time of preparation, a journey leading to celebration of the Lord’s Resurrection at Easter. During Lent, we seek the Lord in prayer, sacrifice, discipline, and reflection.  This easy-to-read guide to Lent aims to accompany readers on their journey through this deeply spiritual season.

This incredibly helpful resource includes:

  • How to approach prayer, fasting, and almsgiving
  • How this time of sacrifice ultimately leads to eternal happiness
  • The deeper meaning of the changes during this liturgical season
  • Why Lent is about more than restarting your New Year’s diet
  • How the whole Lenten experience gets us ready for Easter

Compact in size, this helpful resource is the perfect size to take along with you to Adoration or prayer group meetings.


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