Through the Ashes: Book Two of the Light Series


Before the light, the truth could be slippery. You could work around it, dodge it, run away from it. But in Bria Ford’s new life, the truth is always knocking … about the past, the fate of friends and family, the realities of burgeoning love, and the changed world. For Bria there’s no escaping the truth—no matter how much she may want to.

In this unflinching sequel to Jacqueline Brown’s The Light, Bria and her friends stride into the heart of the post-disaster world and face test after test of their character and convictions. Bria must choose her path in this wounded world. Freedom or comfort? Give up or run? Who has she become since the world fell away?

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About the Author

Dr. Jacqueline Brown is a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with women and girls who have experienced trauma and entanglement with the criminal justice system. She is consistently amazed at the beauty, hope, and resilience she sees in the lives of those she works with. She brings that same hope, resilience, and beauty into her writing.

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