Elizabeth Seton and the Virgin Mary: “I Felt I Had A Mother”


Written by Judith Metz, SC, this booklet is both inspiring and informative.   Meticulously researched, this beautifully written tribute to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton details, through her life, losses, joys, and faith, her deep devotion to the Lord and incredible love of the Blessed Mother.  Having lost her earthy mother at the age of 3, she found that motherly love in Mary.  Sister Judith Metz writes, “It reached into the depths of her soul and remained with her.  Elizabeth’s encounter with Mary served as a precious touchstone of her spirituality.  In her own words: ‘I felt I really had a mother…and at that moment it seemed as if I had found more than her, even in the tenderness and pity of a Mother–so I cried myself to sleep in her heart.'”  In addition to chronicling how she relied on Mary’s intercession and strove to imitate her virtue, this booklet also contains beautiful depictions of art related to Mother Seton.  This booklet is truly a treasure to be read again and again.

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