St. Elizabeth Seton Giclee Prin


This beautiful, high quality print, “Icon of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton,” originally created by Maryland Catholic artist Steve Taylor, is simply breathtaking.  Unique and inspiring, this fine art iconography giclee print is an 8″ × 10″ acrylic on wood printed on white linen.  Masterfully designed and created, the Catholic luminous icon starts with a deep white foundation (12 to as many as 24 coats) of white gesso over wood.  The artist painstakingly develops color fields by applying many layers of thinned color using the more recent versatile transparent medium of glazed acrylic.  Artist Steve Taylor builds the icon backgrounds out of gold but includes white to sculpt a space of light around the saint.  Unlike the dark density of the traditional icon, the luminous icon glows with a transmitted light that directly symbolizes and evokes the purity and light of Heaven.  The print utilizes 8-color pigment-based archival inks on 310 gram German watercolor paper.  This unique rendition of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton makes a wonderful keepsake and a perfect addition for the home, place of prayer, office, or dorm room.

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8×10 100% Cotton True Giclee

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Weight .0625 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × .0625 × 10 in