Elizabeth Ann Seton’s Legacy of Education

After Elizabeth Ann Seton moved to Emmitsburg, she founded the first congregation of sisters in the United States. Both young women and widows joined her congregation. The congregation gave them another choice for what to do in their lives, if they felt God’s call or wanted to live a purposeful life by serving God and others.

She also founded the first free Catholic school for girls in the U.S., giving families who could least afford it a chance for their daughters to have a good education. The legacy of this school lives on today in many Catholic schools, including Mother Seton School (MSS) in Emmitsburg.

Mother Seton School provides an elementary and middle school curriculum that is challenging and modern. Students learn to write well and often, practice research methodologies, possess good study habits, and become engaged and curious learners. The school emphasizes a whole-child approach, integrating Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM) with humanities and the arts for a well-rounded educational experience.

The Sisters who oversee the school today, the Daughters of Charity, are committed to the future of the school, and the school remains committed to the community surrounding it. It upholds its founding mission to be affordable and accessible to all who seek a Catholic education. Generations of proud, successful graduates return to teach and send their own children to the school.

You can find out more about Mother Seton School at their website.