Elizabeth Ann Seton Education Legacy

When Elizabeth Ann Seton began her school, she had no idea that she was planting the seeds for Catholic education in the U.S. One school that traces its roots directly back to her school is Mother Seton School in Emmitsburg.

The teachers and staff at Mother Seton School guide students along a strong moral compass. They share the responsibility of fostering in each student a strong sense of self and of his or her relationship to God and others. Graduates leave instilled with well-defined ethics and values, and are set on a path to live their life with sound judgment, character, and humility.

Graduates of Mother Seton School are truly products of the school’s value-filled environment. They are recognized in their high schools and beyond as courteous, kind, hard-working and high-achieving individuals. MSS’s well-rounded approach to education naturally incorporates high expectations for behavior and efforts, and prepares students to grow into leadership roles, become involved citizens, and succeed in life.

You can find out more at Mother Seton School’s website.