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Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Lift Up My Soul: 15 Days of Prayer with Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Grow closer to God with our first American-Born saint

15 Days of Prayer with Saint Elizabeth Ann SetonThe National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton presents a series of meditations based on “15 Days of Prayer with Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton,” by Betty Ann McNeil, D.C. Each meditation will focus on one of fifteen essential themes of Mother Seton’s faith.

Pope Francis has asked us to return to “what is essential” in living our faith in daily life. “Rediscover the direction of life,” said the Holy Father. “The Lord is the goal of our journey in this world. The direction must lead to him.”

In her introduction, Sister Betty Ann McNeil writes that “Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, the first native-born citizen of the United States to be canonized, offers a model of Christlike living for all ages. Her life was real, her way realistic for believers who are also called to holiness.”

Please join us in meditating on the faith essentials that were so important to Mother Seton in her life, and pray with us for her intercession as together we grow closer to God.

INTRODUCTION | What is Prayer?

DAY ONE | Sacred Scripture: “My Hidden Treasure”

DAY TWO | Divine Providence: “Every Good Promise of God”

DAY THREE | Family Bonds: “My Turn at Dancing”

DAY FOUR | Parenthood: “A Mother’s Heart”

DAY FIVE | The Will of God: “Hope Always Awake”

DAY SIX | The Eucharist: “Real Presence”

DAY SEVEN | Religious Conversion: “Light of Truth”

DAY EIGHT | The Mother of Jesus: “Refuse Nothing”

DAY NINE | Faith in God: “Redeeming Love”

DAY TEN | Confiding Friendship: “Tell Me Your Heart”

DAY ELEVEN | Living the Paschal Mystery: “Communion of the Cross”

DAY TWELVE | Living the Beatitudes: “According to the Spirit”

DAY THIRTEEN | Longing for Eternity: “There is a Heaven”

DAY FOURTEEN | Spiritual Leader: “The Little Mustard Seed”

DAY FIFTEEN | The Cathedral of Creation: “Dear Remembrances