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Finding Freedom in Christ – Healing Life’s Hurts


September 2nd

Talk 1: Safe & Secure – Rediscovering the Love of the Father: In this talk we will discuss early childhood experience and their influence in shaping our image and experience of God the Father. Particularly focus will be given to the importance of experiencing God as safe and trustworthy so that we might willingly invite Him into our wounds on the healing journey.

Talk 2: What is a Wound & What Should We Do? This talk describes the causes of our wounds, how our response to our wounds cause more pain, and why we oftentimes fail to heal. We will discuss a daily course of action that one can enact to continue and deepen the healing journey.

Dr. Matthew Breuninger is the author of Finding Freedom in Christ: Healing Life’s Hurts. He is passionate about integrating the wisdom and truths of the faith with psychology and has traveled the country giving talks and leading retreats from this integrated perspective. He is a research fellow with Ruah Woods and the Austin Institute. He currently lives in Steubenville, Ohio with his wife and six children, where he is an associate professor of psychology at Franciscan University and the owner of Wellspring Counseling, Coaching, & Consulting. 

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