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Surrender at the Speed of Light with St. Therese of Lisieux and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

The courage and boldness of St. Therese and Mother Seton, especially in the face of great suffering and agony, flowed from their willingness to throw themselves completely into the arms of the Father.

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St. Jerome

St. Jerome and Mother Seton Teach Us the Paradox of Christian Life

Probing the depths of our faith, we see that truth can be illuminated by some of the most confounding paradoxes. 

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Mother Seton and the Archangels — Helpers for All Seasons

The angels surround us, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton believed. God and his angelic servants are here to help us whenever we turn to them, in every season of life.

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Mother Seton St. Vincent de Paul

St. Vincent de Paul and Mother Seton: A Match Made in Heaven

St. Vincent de Paul and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton weren’t holy card or fairy-tale figures, but flesh and blood human beings who struggled with earthly dreams. Their lives suggest a way forward for all of us who suffer the tension between a comfortable life in the world and a life thrown open to Christ.

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Padre Pio

Learning to Follow with Padre Pio and Mother Seton

In Padre Pio and Elizabeth Ann Seton, we see the diversity of the saints, and how the drama of the human soul is expressed in many different ways. But what unites them is their “yes” to God, which unlocks the power of a true disciple of Christ.

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St. Thomas of Villanova and Mother Seton: The Struggle to Do What You Should

St. Thomas of Villanova and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton show us that obedience is the path to great works, and humility is what makes all the other virtues possible.

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Joseph of Cupertino and Elizabeth Seton Inspire us Toward Heavenly Goals

Through their lives of humility and service, Mother Seton and St. Joseph Cupertino encourage us as we face the day-to-day obstacles and trials of this world, on our way toward the next.

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In Weakness, Strength: St. Hildegard of Bingen and Mother Seton

The lives of St. Hildegard of Bingen and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton show us the paradox of surrender—how fragile human vessels can become sudden and hopeful expressions of God’s own power.

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St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Exaltation of the Cross

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Mother Seton suffered much during her life, from poverty and social hostility, to the deaths of many loved ones. She persevered and carried on her work, thanks to her faith and courage. But through it all, she always accepted her own weakness, knowing that the true source of her strength was the Crucified Christ.

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