Danielle Bean, Author at Seton Shrine

Danielle Bean

St. Isidore and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton: Pioneers in Education

Although they lived many centuries apart, St. Isidore of Seville and Mother Seton were each leaders in the Church’s mission to preserve knowledge and expand education to all people.

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Saint Matilda and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton: Two Widows Who Show Us The Power of Trusting in God

St. Matilda of Ringelheim and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton were each widowed early. Their legacies speak to the importance of trusting in God to do great things with us and through us, regardless of our circumstances.

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Embracing God Through Hard Times with St. Seraphina and Mother Seton

As we journey through Lent, we can look to St. Seraphina and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton to strengthen our desire to follow God’s will for our lives. God was their all. Whatever the circumstances, they turned themselves over to Him, uniting all their sufferings to Christ.

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Saint John of God, Mother Seton, and the Extraordinary Gift of Being Faithful in Ordinary Things

Saint John of God and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton show us that not all sacrifices have to be big and dramatic to be holy. Extraordinary sacrifice can be found in the ordinary events of life.

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Seeking Peace with Saint Colette and Mother Seton

St. Colette and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton were great organizers of religious communities who found peace in the presence of God, no matter the trials they suffered or the challenges they faced.

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Saint Katharine Drexel and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Katharine Drexel and Elizabeth Ann Seton—”Sister Saints” Who Changed Education in the United States Forever

These two brave and unselfish women devoted their lives to educating poor children and ministering to the needy. We can see their legacies today in the religious communities they founded, and the thousands of Catholic schools across our nation.

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Letting Go and Trusting God With Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

We say the words “Thy will be done” countless times, but do we really mean them? St. Elizabeth Ann Seton shows us how we can grow into our prayers – even the tough ones – by opening ourselves to God’s love, and learning to trust Him completely.

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The Fierce Faith of Sts. Francisco, Jacinta and Elizabeth Ann Seton

Like Mother Seton, the young saints Francisco and Jacinta were given the grace and strength to do what God called them to do with fierceness of faith. They had perfect trust in Him who died for our sins.

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Learning to Trust God Through Suffering with St. Agatha and Mother Seton

Following Christ is not without challenges. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and St. Agatha are examples of leaning into God’s grace to persevere and triumph in times of trial.

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