The 7 Core Ministries of the Seton Shrine - Seton Shrine
Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

The 7 Core Ministries of the Seton Shrine

The seven core ministries of the Seton Shrine are the foundation pillars of our sacred mission to spread devotion to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton far and wide.

These seven ministries — all working together — are the channels through which we spread Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton’s legacy and healing intercession to the nation, and the world, which today are in such desperate need of God’s healing love.

I. Fostering Worship and Devotion
Deepening and expanding the sacramental and devotional services we offer at the Seton Shrine will allow us to more fruitfully respond to the great and growing spiritual hunger we see in our visitors and the culture at large. [LEARN MORE]

II. Making A Joyful Noise Unto the Lord
As we see it, maintaining our sacred spaces and putting them at the service of sacred music is a work of the New Evangelization. Here, the beauty of both the Shrine and the music serve as a window through which visitors can glimpse the beauty of Christ and His Church. [LEARN MORE]

III. Renewing the Spirit of God’s People
Expanding our new Seeds of Hope retreats, while sustaining our existing retreat and group pilgrimage offerings, will extend the Shrine’s outreach to all those seeking an encounter with Christ. [LEARN MORE]

IV. Educating and Inspiring Future Generations
With the support of our friends, our goal is to expand our storytelling at the Shrine, by using the latest interactive technology to enhance our museum exhibits and programs, so that a whole new generation of Christian faithful can be inspired and transformed by Mother Seton’s witness. [LEARN MORE]

V. Discovering and Experiencing Our Historic Site
Through the historic tours offered at the Shrine, visitors encounter Mother Seton and her Sisters as fellow pilgrims, struggling to answer God’s call in the midst of sorrows and trials. Our supporters make it possible for us to preserve these important places of encounter and, through them, help visitors to discover Mother Seton as a friend and faithful intercessor. [LEARN MORE]

VI. Bringing Faith and History to Life
Ongoing support of our new Living History program, and our Faith Dramas, will enable the Seton Shrine to offer these performances more frequently and to develop new productions on thought-provoking subjects, bringing faith and history to life for our visitors. [LEARN MORE]

VII. Communicating Mother Seton’s Legacy to the World
As the frontiers of print and digital publishing advance and expand, our supporters enable us to keep up with changes in median technology so that Mother Seton’s deep faith and powerful witness can be communicated to the entire world. [LEARN MORE]