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VII. Communicating Mother Seton’s Legacy to the World

As the frontiers of print and digital publishing advance and expand, our supporters enable us to keep up with changes in median technology so that Mother Seton’s deep faith and powerful witness can be communicated to the entire world.

When America was still young and growing, the Sisters of Charity and Daughters of Charity set out from Emmitsburg and traveled West. By trains, ferries, and covered wagons, they journeyed across the dangerous American frontier, risking their lives to bring the Gospel to those in need.

Today, sharing the Gospel and promoting the legacy of Mother Seton doesn’t require covered wagons, but it does require braving the ever-evolving frontier of social media.

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, are powerful tools that let us share Mother Seton’s inspiring story with the millions of men and women who will never travel to Emmitsburg. Through photos, videos, spiritual reflections, and engaging storytelling, we can use digital media to preserve and spread Mother Seton’s legacy and foster greater prayer and devotion.

To do this well, we work with professional writers, photographers, videographers, and bloggers, who excel at their craft and know how to best deliver this message of faith to a hungry world.

We also rely on the still powerful medium of direct mail to communicate Mother Seton’s life stories and spiritual wisdom. Through regular Novenas, Mass enrollments, and sponsorship of Votives, our friends around the country can participate in the Shrine’s devotional life, even when they can’t be with us in person.

In an age where so many different messages and voices compete for attention, the skills and expertise of our media staff and freelancers will ensure that we can navigate the ever-changing media platforms, so that Mother Seton’s spiritual wisdom can reach millions of souls who yearn for faith, hope and strength.

“Every corner of the world is the same to me if I may but serve our Lord.”
– Mother Seton

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Communicating Mother Seton’s Legacy to the World