III. Renewing the Spirit of God’s People - Seton Shrine
Setin Shrine - Respite to the Weary

III. Renewing the Spirit of God’s People

Expanding our new Seeds of Hope retreats, while sustaining our existing retreat and group pilgrimage offerings, will extend the Shrine’s outreach to all those seeking an encounter with Christ.

A Catholic shrine is meant to be more than a memorial to a particular saint. It’s meant to be a place of encounter—a place where we can retreat from the demands of a busy world and more readily receive God’s grace. Surrounded by beauty, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, and in a place where thousands before us have prayed, it becomes easier to feel God and hear Him. It also becomes easier to respond to Him.

For over 40 years, the Seton Shrine has been that place for hundreds of thousands of men and women. With our stunning Basilica, spacious meeting rooms, on-site theater, beautiful gardens, and quiet prayer rooms, the Seton Shrine regularly welcomes both small and large groups to the peaceful, historic grounds. Here, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, the Shrine hosts retreats for school groups each spring and fall, as well as retreats for Sodalities, Knights of Columbus, confirmation candidates, parish staff, and many other groups.

Unfortunately, because of our rural location, we haven’t always been able to offer the same to those on the margins of society or living in poverty. The very people who Mother Seton sought to serve—both before and after her conversion—are often the people who never have the chance to experience all that the Seton Shrine offers.

In 2017, Pope Francis recognized this problem globally and called for all Catholic shrines to reach out to those experiencing poverty. Immediately, the Seton Shrine responded by launching a new initiative called Seeds of Hope. Conducted in partnership with organizations and individuals who serve those on the margins of society, Seeds of Hope enables us to offer special retreat days at the Shrine for those who could never otherwise attend. The retreats are almost entirely subsidized, with transportation, meals, and fees largely covered by the Seton Shrine. The first Seeds of Hope Retreat was offered in Spring 2018, and several others have since been offered, including those for the financially or culturally marginalized, disabled, or otherwise in need of a retreat to help them experience God’s love.

“When all the wintry storms of time are past we shall enjoy the delights of an eternal Spring.”
Mother Seton

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For more information about Seeds of Hope retreats, please contact Sarah Heil, Seeds of Hope Coordinator, at sarah.heil@setonshrine.org.


For more information about sponsorships, please contact Rob Judge, Executive Director, at 301-447-6037 or by email at Rob.Judge@setonshrine.org.


The 7 Core Ministries of the Seton Shrine

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Renewing the Spirit of God’s People
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