Paul Mariani, Author at Seton Shrine

Paul Mariani

In Praise of Holy Women

Elizabeth Ann Seton was twenty-years old when the Blessed Carmelite Martyrs of Compiègne were executed during the French Revolution. A century and a half later Francois Poulenc would tell the world their story in his sublime opera, Dialogues des Carmelites.

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Reimagining Robert Lowell

The saint Elizabeth Seton and the poet Robert Lowell took divergent paths through the storm clouds of their lives, each seeking shelter under God’s immense umbrella of grace.

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Elizabeth Ann Seton - Thomas Merton

Love’s Music and the ‘Yes’ of the Convert

The lives of Thomas Merton and Elizabeth Ann Seton make for rich, vibrant history which—like good music—resounds down the halls of memory.

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