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Participate in one of the Seton Shrine’s Book Clubs and explore the life of Elizabeth Ann Seton as she trusted in God, fought for what she believed in, and left a legacy in the charism of charity.  We invite you to join us for a six-week session to meet weekly in the video conferencing platform, Zoom, for a facilitated conversation on parts of the book based on the discussion schedule.   

Twenty spots are available per book club. Registration is required at $35/person. If cost is a factor that is holding you back, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Shrine at 301-447-6606.

What You Need:

  • A copy of your book which you can purchase through the Seton Shrine Gift Shop
  • A computer with a webcam and microphone, laptop, tablet, or phone

You will receive a link from the Club Host to connect to the 60 minute discussion each week (the last night of each session will be 2 hours long).

If you are struggling to register online, please call the Shrine at 301-447-6606.

Upcoming Book Clubs

Please send all inquiries to

A Mother's Journey Book Club

Dates: May 2 – June 20, 2024, Thursdays 7-8pm ET

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton was a wife and mother before becoming a Catholic and founding the Sisters of Charity. She was an affectionate mother, often calling her children her “darlings” and letting them know, even in childhood, that they were future friends. Explore Elizabeth’s values and relationships with her daughter Catherine and her son William through examining the advice that she left to them in letters and journals she wrote especially for them. In this special topic book club, participants can receive a journal in which they can leave advice to a loved one, as they explore what mattered most to Elizabeth Ann Seton. 

Fearless: Stories of American Saints

Fearless will bring the reader through the history of the Catholic Church in America in an intimate and personal way, with the stories of the saints and blesseds who helped Christianity become part of this country’ s fabric. These men and women did not set out to be saints, only to live out the Gospel as they best knew how. They followed their hearts and God’ s will to build a better place for the people of the New World.

Discussion Schedule

Week 1:  Part 1 (pages 1-22)

Week 2:  Part 2 (pages 23-56)

Week 3:  Part 2 (pages 57-100)

Week 4:  Part 2 (pages 101-130)

Week 5:  Part 2 (pages 131-172)

Week 6:  Part 2 (pages 173-197)

Week 6:  Guest Speaker

Estimated reading time: 3 hours a week

Elizabeth Seton: American Saint

We will be reading the popular biography, Elizabeth Seton: American Saint written by Catherine O’Donnell, and we invite you to join us for a six-weeks session. On the final week of each session, the discussion will last for two hours, with Seton Shrine friend and author of the book, Catherine O’Donnell.


Discussion Schedule

  • Week 1: Part 1, Chapters 1 – 5 (108 pages)
  • Week 2: Part 2, Chapters 6 – 9 (65 pages)
  • Week 3: Part 3, Chapters 10 – 13 (75 pages)
  • Week 4: Part 4, Chapters 14 – 16 (59 pages)
  • Week 5: Part 5a, Chapters 17-20 (51 pages)
  • Week 6 @ 7:30 PM: Part 5b, Chapters 21 – 23 + Epilogue (68 pages)
  • Week 6 @ 8 PM: Meet Author, Catherine O’Donnell

Estimated reading time: 3 hours a week

Imitation of Christ

Walk with Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton this Lenten Season by discovering how The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis, a much-loved devotional classic, shaped her spiritual life as she journeyed with God from seeker to saint.  In this book club participants will read assigned portions of the book each week and share in discussion on how the virtues discussed in this book were adopted by Elizabeth Ann Seton in her personal faith and into the fabric of the Sisters of Charity. Shrine Chaplain, Father Ted Trinko, will also be a featured panelist helping participants to develop a deeper understanding of these spiritual truths. 

Elizabeth Bayley Seton

Dates: Jan. 4 – Feb. 1, 2024, Thursdays 7-8pm ET

Exclusive to the Seton Shrine, this extensively researched book is a definitive biography of the first American-born canonized saint, Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Written by Annabelle M. Melville and edited by Betty Ann McNeil, D.C., this updated and revised edition interjects direct quotes and writings of Mother Seton into the story of her life. As a result, this portrayal enlightens the reader with not only the factual depiction of the life and times of this quintessential American Saint but also includes important insights into the early history of Catholicism in the United States. Enticing and educational, this edition includes extensive edits and additional information.

Discussion Schedule

Reading Schedule (does not include Preface/Forward):

  • Week 1: Chapters 1,2 – 60 pages
  • Week 2: Chapters 3,4,5 – 78 pages
  • Week 3: Chapters 6,7,8 – 69 pages
  • Week 4: Chapters 9,10 – 74 pages
  • Week 5: Chapters 11,12 – 60 pages
  • Week 6: Chapters 13-14 – 69 pages

Estimated reading time per week: up to 3 hours 

Friendship of My Soul

In honor of the new Museum and Visitor Center opening this September, we are excited to offer our next virtual book club! Compiled and edited by Sister Betty Ann McNeil, D.C., this lovely presentation of selected letters of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, first American-born canonized saint, chronicles from 1803 to 1809 her relationship with three women on the themes of friendship, faith, and family.

Discussion Schedule

Week 1: pages 1-14 and 143-154

Week 2: pages 15-68

Week 3: pages 69-84

Week 4: pages 85-142 (with a special guest!)

Estimated reading time per week: up to 2 hours 

Nothing Short of a Miracle: God’s Healing Power in Modern Saints

God doesn’t need humans to work miracles for Him, but as veteran Catholic author Patricia Treece shows, it certainly seems His good pleasure to perform great miracles by means of human prayers and human hands.

Discussion Schedule

Week 1:  Prologue (pages IX-XXXV)

Week 2:  Chapters 1-4 (pages 4-54)

Week 3:  Chapters 5-9 (pages 55-115)

Week 4:  Chapters 10-14 (pages 116-165)

Week 5:  Chapters 15-19 (pages 166-215)

Week 6:  Chapters 20-25 (pages 216-272)

Week 6:  Guest Speaker Sr. Pat Newhouse, SCC

Memento Mori Series

Participate in just one of the upcoming book clubs or sign up for all three and save 20%!

Living Memento Mori

Using the Stations of the Cross and her own story of brushes with death, Emily DeArdo shows how to trust in God’s providence in the face of suffering and how to develop enduring spiritual strength and courage along the way.

Advent Memento Mori

(This book club is just 4 weeks!)

Advent is a season of darkness and light, and for many (like Mother Seton), it was a season of loss. Explore the reality that Advent means nothing without recognizing that Jesus came to save us from death, and Jesus was born to die so that we may live.

Lenten Memento Mori

This unique and powerful Lenten devotional is a wonderful tool to assist in the contemplation of one’s life, death, and the afterlife (traditionally known as the “Last Things”). Prepare for Easter by taking part in this Lenten journey.

Saintly Moms

MOTHER’S DAY DISCOUNT: Register for Saintly Moms for just $35! Or consider gifting this to your mom as a unique gift! The book is included in your registration!

Prepare for Mother’s Day by participating in a book club that not only delves into Mother Seton’s own maternal love, but those of countless other saints who were moms.

Discussion Schedule

  • Week 1:  Blessed Mother Mary through Saint Perpetua (pages 11-34) 
  • Week 2:  Saint Bassa through Saint Theneva (pages 35-62)
  • Week 3:  Saint Ludmila through Saint Rita of Cascia (pages 63-90) 
  • Week 4:  St. Margaret Clitherow through St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (pages 91-118) 
  • Week 5:  Blessed Anna Maria Taigi through Saint Zelie Martin (pages 119-144) 
  • Week 6:  Blessed Marianna Biernacka through Saint Gianna Molla (pages 145-162) 
  • Week 6:  Author Kelly Ann Guest will join us from 8-9pm for a special meet and greet!

Estimated reading time: 3 hours a week

15 Days of Prayer

This book will lead participants to a place of peace and prayer as they ready their hearts and minds for Good Friday and Easter by following Elizabeth Ann Seton’s spirituality. 

Discussion Schedule

  • Week 1: “How to Use This Book”, “A Brief Chronology”, and “Introduction” (20 pages)
  • Week 2:  Day One, Day Two, Day Three (18 pages)
  • Week 3:  Day Four, Day Five, Day Six (18 pages)
  • Week 4:  Day Seven, Day Eight, Day Nine (19 pages)
  • Week 5:  Day Ten, Day Eleven, Day Twelve (18 Pages)
  • Week 6:  Day Thirteen, Day Fourteen, Day Fifteen (20 pages) 
  • Week 6:  Guest Speaker