Civil War Sisters

Civil War Sisters Exhibit

The Daughters and Sisters of Charity played a prominent role during the Civil War, caring for wounded on both sides and providing compassion in an otherwise violent and painful time.

Throughout the Civil War, Sisters helped wherever they could. Some worked in the cities where they were missioned, while others traveled from battlefield to battlefield, North and South. They continued Elizabeth Ann Seton’s ministry of charity, bringing solace and healing to the wounded of both armies, sometimes at their own peril.

In the Civil War Sisters exhibit, discover how the Sisters served those in need, both in and out of hospitals during the Civil War. See life-like dioramas depicting scenes of the soldiers and Sisters. Read their personal accounts and view a large-scale map showing where they served. View Civil War artifacts, including bullet fragments found on the battlefields.

Civil War Exhibit
Civil War Exhibit

Civil War Tour

Make time for our special Civil War tour, offered every Saturday this summer at 1:30 pm, and by advance reservation. Our Civil War tour guides will share stories of the Sisters as they helped the soldiers on their way to what would become the Battle of Gettysburg. And, you’ll discover all that they did after the battle to care for the wounded on both sides.

To make your reservation, please contact Bridgett Bassler, Programs Coordinator.