PRESS: Help From Above - Seton Shrine

PRESS: Help From Above

The Knights of Columbus share miraculous story.

In early January 2022, Joe and Megan Hermosillo, parents of six young children in Frederick, Maryland, faced the kind of health crisis every family fears. It started with a cough. After they both had seemingly recovered from what appeared to be a mild case of COVID-19, Joe began coughing again, feeling increasingly fatigued and found that his blood oxygen level tested low on an oximeter they keep at their home.

He called a doctor, who told him to go to the emergency room to be checked with more accurate equipment. A reading of 95-100% is considered a healthy blood oxygen level; at the hospital, Joe’s blood oxygen level came back at an alarming 65%.

“They threw me in the ER,” Joe said. “They stripped me down, they hooked me up, and I must have had 10 staff members around me. I told them my wife was in the lobby and she could make all the decisions, and then I passed out.”