Eucharistic Pilgrimage - Seton Shrine

Eucharistic Pilgrimage

June 6th | Emmitsburg, md

The Eucharist Transformed Mother Seton...

Mother Seton is a Eucharistic saint. Watch how the Eucharist played a pivotal role in her conversion into the Catholic Church in our brand new mini documentary below.

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The Eucharistic Revival is happening now across the country, and on June 6th, approximately 1,500 pilgrims came to Emmitsburg and walked where Mother Seton walked with Jesus in this powerful Eucharistic Procession. 

EWTN Covers Seton Shrine

As the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage’s eastern Seton route continues on their unprecedented journey with Jesus, EWTN’s Catherine Hadro gives us an inside look into their recent stops at Emmitsburg, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

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On June 6th, approximately 1,500 visitors came to the Seton Shrine to participate in the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage.

Archbishop Lori's

“From the start of [Mother Seton’s] conversion, the mystery of the Eucharist, the true presence of Christ’s Body and Blood had what I might call “a gravitational pull” on her heart and mind and spirit.”

—Archbishop William E. Lori

Make Your Own Pilgrimage Today​

If you missed the National Eucharistic Pilgrimage when it passed through Emmitsburg you can still be a part of this historic journey! Make a pilgrimage to the Seton Shrine a part of your experience of revival by planning a self-led personal pilgrimage in the next couple of months.

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The Eucharistic Revival is a national, three year long movement to encourage a renewed devotion to Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Part of this renewal is a nation-wide Eucharistic Pilgrimage, with one of its routes named after Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. The route passed through Emmitsburg, and the procession took place on June 6th, 2024.

The National Eucharistic Pilgrimage is not one event or a road trip—it is an exciting opportunity for American Catholics everywhere to physically embody our nation’s journey of Eucharistic Revival.

Schedule From June 6, 2024

8:30 am Mass — Mass with Archbishop William E. Lori in the Basilica at the Seton Shrine

9:30 am Solemn Eucharistic Procession — This procession will process through Emmitsburg and will be led by Archbishop Lori. See route info below.

11 am Lunch — Lunch is available for purchase at the Seton Shrine (or pack a picnic). Take a free tour of the new Museum or Historic Homes, and visit the Gift Shop and Basilica. Adoration will also be available at this time in the Basilica. 

1:30 pm “In the steps of Mother Seton” Walking Pilgrimage — From the Seton Shrine we will walk to Immaculate Conception Chapel at Mount St. Mary’s, Seminary Chapel, St. Anthony’s Church, and then up the hill to the Grotto Cave. A shuttle will be available to return pilgrims who parked at the Seton Shrine.

5 pm Mass available at the Grotto of Lourdes

“Jesus is as a fire in the very center of our souls ever burning. Yet, we are cold because we do not stay by it.”

Anna Maria Seton

A Eucharistic Procession, just like Eucharistic Adoration, is an extension of the worship of Jesus Christ, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. The supreme act of adoration and the source and summit of the Christian life is the celebration of the Mass, and that celebration is prolonged and intensified through Eucharistic worship outside of the Mass. In Eucharistic Processions, the missionary aspect of the Eucharist is emphasized as we go forth into the world. Not only gazing upon our Eucharistic Lord, but walking with him, we experience what the disciples did 2000 years ago as they walked with Jesus, proclaiming the Good News to the world. Someone who partakes in a Eucharistic Procession has made the decision to publicly proclaim its belief in Jesus’ True Presence in the Eucharist. For those who participate in the procession, it is an opportunity not only to proclaim their faith but also to grow in their faith. The procession is, finally, an invitation to Jesus himself to be a part of our daily lives, to be immersed in the world in which we live.

  • There are many ways to get involved. To start, attend the day and bring as many family and friends as you can!
  • Encourage your parish to come by sharing this page with your priest. (Email Carolyn at for custom flyers for your parish).
  • Consider volunteering. Email Liz at to find out ways to help. 
  • Pray a Holy Hour for the Revival.
  • The Eucharistic Procession after Mass is roughly 2 miles and is mostly flat. Portions of this walk will be through the grass. 
  • The “In Mother Seton’s Footsteps” Walking Pilgrimage will be 3.7 miles and there is 427 feet of elevation gain. 
  • Pilgrims are welcome to do as much or as little as they are able to of each of these walks. 

Registration does not provide a ticket, nor does it “reserve a seat.” It is just to help us plan for attendance to make sure we have enough hosts for Mass, food for lunch etc.

As of now there is no plan to provide tents / tables for lunch. Pilgrims should plan to bring their own chairs and blankets etc.

This to help us plan to ensure that we have enough food / food trucks available to accommodate all those joining us that day.

3.1 miles is only one way. There will be shuttles available to take pilgrims back to their cars at the Seton Shrine, however if it is possible, we encourage visitors to park a vehicle at the Grotto or Mount St. Mary’s Campus so they do not have to wait for the shuttle.

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