Stories of People Touched by Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton’s Intercession

Many have been impacted by Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton. Below are a few of the stories of intercession that people have shared with us.

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Daniel from Maryland told us this story.


Here is the story of Ellen from Oregon:

I live one mile from St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish in Aloha, Oregon. On a rock in a natural area outside the building is a statue of her. After my son was born in July 2015, I started walking there regularly, while pushing a stroller, to pray. Each walk is like a mini-pilgrimage because I intentionally take the day’s or the week’s worries and blessings to her, give thanks, and ask for strength and guidance. Although I don’t usually attend Mass there because I’m a longtime member of the St. Mary’s Cathedral Choir in Portland, I did go to high school with Father Jeff Meeuwsen and the staff know who I am.

On January 4 of 2017, which is her feast day, we had walked there and boldly asked for a miracle. Times were tough and our home was in need of updates we couldn’t afford. That evening, a fire broke out in our kitchen while I was cooking dinner and caused damage. Thankfully no one was harmed but it was a traumatic experience for our son. We called our insurance company to find out if we could get some appliances which were destroyed replaced. To our surprise, our claim not only called for new appliances, it also called for new kitchen cabinets and counters, asbestos ceiling removal and replacement in the common areas, new paint in the common areas, and standard cleaning of fire-affected areas.

We just moved back home after spending three weeks in a hotel, all paid for by insurance, while the work was done. We were able to afford out-of-pocket costs for asbestos ceiling removal and replacement – as well as new paint – in the bedrooms too because I recently got promoted at work. Our home is now asbestos-free, and our kitchen and walls (which oozed slime because a previous homeowner smoked inside) are like new. We’re now expecting a second child, and because of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s powerful intercession, we now have a safe, beautiful, and modern home to enjoy. It has also increased in value, which will make my husband happy if/when it comes time to sell the home.

I don’t suggest Mother Seton caused our fire, but I can’t see the series of events and miraculous outcome as anything but divine!