Julian of Norwich - Seton Shrine

All Shall Be Well With Julian of Norwich and Mother Seton

As we endure trials and isolation during the pandemic, we can look to St. Julian of Norwich and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton for strength. They share the mystic’s confidence that “all shall be well” if we trust in God. These things that we suffer and fear – pain, death, illness, loss, and strife – Jesus has already overcome. We suffer in the world, but He has conquered the world.

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St. Athanasius and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

The Greatest Idea of St. Athanasius and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

What attracted Mother Seton to the Catholic Church was the closeness of Christ, from the intimate scenes of the nativity, to His presence in the Eucharist. Like the great saint Athanasius, she proclaimed the truth of the Incarnation to all—“God is so infinitely present to us that he is in every part of our life and being.”

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