The White House at the National Seton Shrine
White House Altar

The White House

The home, which is known today as the Historic St. Joseph's House, served as the first house of the community of Sisters who lived in the property, the Sisters of Charity.

When it was built in the early 1800s, it was originally called “St. Joseph’s House.” Elizabeth Ann Seton held a special regard for St. Joseph, who was the father of Jesus.

Complete with period items and furnishings, including some original pieces preserved for nearly 200 years, the house appears today just as it would have when Mother Seton and the Sisters of Charity resided here. You’ll find a schoolroom set up like the one Saint Elizabeth taught in, along with other rooms where she lived, worked, and prayed.

White House Exterior

As you tour the house, it’s quite easy to imagine her going about her daily duties. Like us, she had duties that may have seemed routine and trivial, but today they’re all part of Elizabeth Ann Seton’s incredible story, and the charitable legacy she inspired.

If you visit after hours, there is an audio recording at the Historic St. Joseph’s House, Stone Farm House, and Mortuary Chapel in the Cemetery, which tells the story of Saint Elizabeth Ann’s life.