PRESS: Relics of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton are headed to her national shrine

Aleteia covers the exciting event….

Artifacts and belongings of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton will soon find a new home at the National Shrine that bears her name. The relics, all second-class, were donated by the Sisters of Charity, an order founded by the saint. The donation comes in honor of the bicentennial of Mother Seton’s death. 

Sr. Donna Dodge, president of the Sisters of Charity of New York, commented on the donation:

“These treasures have always had a great significance for us. It is with great joy that we send them on a new mission where more people can appreciate them and draw closer to Mother Seton.”

The relics

According to a press release, the relics include St. Elizabeth Ann Seton’s iconic bonnet, rosary and crucifix, desk, and the brooch she wore on her wedding day. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton was widowed prior to becoming a Catholic nun and her wedding portrait is among the effects. Also included are items from her family, like her father’s tea chest and her daughter’s christening gown.

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