The National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

The National Shrine of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

The NEW Seton Shrine Museum & Visitor Center

Experience Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton’s amazing journey from Seeker to Servant to Saint

Mother Seton’s extraordinary life and enduring legacy come to life through rarely-seen artifacts, personal writings, digital interactive exhibits and hands-on activities for all ages. It’s an opportunity to connect like never before with this iconic and much-beloved American saint, beginning Friday, September 22.

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They will be remembered in all our regular Masses for an entire year, and their names will be written in the Book of Prayer at Mother Seton’s altar. And with your offering you’ll receive a beautiful Mass card of your choice.

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Latest Reflections

Seton & Culture

Home of the First American-Born Saint

Discover the inspirational life and legacy of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Seton Shrine Museum

Begin your visit with a brief film about Elizabeth Ann Seton and browsing our exhibits. including our latest, Sisters Today: A World of Difference.

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The Basilica

Awe-inspiring and amazing are a few words people have used to describe the Basilica.

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Civil War Sisters

Discover how the Daughters and Sisters of Charity continued Elizabeth Ann Seton’s ministry of charity, helping those who were in need or wounded during the Civil War.

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The Stone Farmhouse

Step back in time while you tour the Stone House, which was originally built in the mid-1700s.

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Historic St. Joseph's House

This historic home was built in 1810 when Elizabeth Ann Seton realized one home wasn’t enough for all that she had in mind.

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St. Joseph's Cemetery

In 1809, Mother Seton and her companions took a walk through the dense woods on their property to select a site for a cemetery.

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Elizabeth Ann Seton

The First American-Born Saint

Elizabeth Ann Seton was a wife and mother, and then found herself a widow at just 29 years old in 1803. Despite the hardships that she faced, she went on to do amazing work, and eventually became the first American-born saint in 1975. Visit this historic site and Shrine and see the museum, her historic homes, and the Basilica dedicated to her.

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